Monday, June 28, 2010

High waist shorts

As promised, here are some photos of me wearing the linen high waist shorts that I made :)

They look cute with the cropped shirts that I have been buying.

I also got this shirt today that I think looks cute with it:

I'm glad I found this shirt, I was planning on making one, and I think it will go with my Audrey Hepburn pants when I make them.

I didn't use a pattern on these. I don't usually use patterns because I am imagining something specific in my head, and I can't normally find a pattern that's exactly what I want, so I just buy a little extra fabric for trial and error :) I do the same thing with knitting, if I use a pattern, I almost always modify it in some way. Are any of you the same way?

Have a lovely day!


Julie said...

wow, you've got awesome sewing skills, those look so professional!! Great shorts!

Jess said...

adorable! love your hair too :)