Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twisted Diamonds Throw

Just thought I would share my most recent knitting FO, the Twisted Diamonds Throw from the Moda Dea Home Collection 1 booklet. Technically, I finished it on Feb 28th, but I just took more pictures of it. I finished it for the ravelympics, so it was definitely difficult to finish in that amount of time, but it came out so pretty!

More details are on my Ravelry.

Have a nice day!


Siga said...

Amazing! Well done.

Julie said...

wow, it's incredible!! That's going to be a family heirloom, for sure.

Ashley said...

Thank you! Both of you! Wow Julie, I never thought something I made could be a family heirloom! That's awesome to think about!

PeasOut said...

Fabulous! I wish I could knit something that beautiful!

On a side note, have you been to my sisters blog? She's on my blogroll, yellow bird knits. I think you may have similar interests ;)

Ashley said...

Thanks PeasOut! Yes! I have been on your sisters blog! Her knits are so beautiful I'm totally inspired by her, and I'm definitely not the only one! :]