Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apron, scarf, and queue

Right now I am finishing a really cute apron, here's a little peek:

It's this pattern, view A (main picture) and it's a reprinted vintage patterns, I love those, but, as you know from my last post, I love real vintage patterns even more, there's just something about finding a pattern for a dress and thinking about how maybe someone bought the pattern to make a dress for a special occasion. Anyway, I will take pictures in it when the apron's finished! This will be my first apron! I really want to make more, it will be a fun way to use holiday and other printed fabrics!
I also found my dad's scarf, I made it for him, and he lost it, like right away, so I never got to take pictures of it, I want to take more, but I was so excited about finding it that I snapped a couple, here's one:

I really loved the way this scarf came out, too bad I found it right when summer is about to start :]

I was also looking through all my knitting books and magazines, and I was looking at all the patterns I really want to make, I bought the magazines and books specifically for the patterns, and I haven't made them yet.

 Of course, I think all knitter's "to do" lists grow much faster than we can keep up with :] I have never really used my queue on Ravelry, I mostly just save things to my favorites, but in the last couple of days I have been updating my queue, and putting it in order of priority, and I'm excited to start, I feel like my projects haven't had much direction. I think it's because for the past year I have been doing a lot of designing and not a lot of projects for myself. Well, now I think I want to work on some things for me :]

Well, that's it for today! Have a nice day!

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Rainy Daisy said...

So hard to organize inspiration, isn't it? :)

And I love the stacks of heavy literature under the scarf. I have that same version of War and Peace.