Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mini Cherries Dress

My sister owns a cherry print dress by Collectif, I don't think they have it on the website, she got her dress from a store called Rocket Rebellion in our town. She wore it when we went to a family reunion and my aunt mentioned that she thought it would make a cute baby dress, her baby is about to turn one, so I got inspired to try to recreate a tiny baby version of the dress. Here's my sister in her dress:

And here's the baby dress:

I was really happy that I found this cherry print fabric because the cherries are really little, so it looks like not only the dress has shrunk to baby size, but also the fabric, and I think the dainty print will be more suitable for a baby than some of the larger prints I was looking at.
I think my aunt will be pretty happy, because this dress is going to be a total surprise! I haven't told her that I'm making it.
Have a lovely day!

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Julie said...

wow, adorable!! I think you did an incredible job with the dress, it looks so much like the one in the photo!