Monday, July 5, 2010

accident :(

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend, but on Saturday I was in a car accident. I wasn't driving, I was with a friend, and no one was seriously hurt, but I did have to get my spine x-rayed yesterday and I found out I have bruising all over my spine. I also have a scrape and bruise on my collar bone from the seat belt and a painful bruise on my knee. For the past couple days I have been in pain and trying to rest, so, needless to say, I haven't been very productive with any knitting or sewing projects this weekend. Anyway, just so this post isn't too much of a downer, I was having photos taken of me right before the accident, here are a couple of my favorites: (P.S., I'm wearing the shorts I made in the last couple photos!)

I hope to have more crafts to show in the next few days as I recover! Have a lovely day!

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Jess said...

adorable pics....glad to hear youre ok!