Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mail Call!

So I got 2 interesting bits of mail today! Number 1:

A Boye Needlemaster! This was a surprise gift from my Grandma and Aunt, they heard about my accident and they sent me this! I was so excited, it definitely made me feel better!  

The second was 2 packages of teeny-tiny clothespins!

I got them because I saw them on a display in a store and I thought they would be perfect for my mini sock advent calendar! I am making 25 mini socks to hang on a clothesline with my little mini clothespins and I think they will make a cute advent calendar christmas decoration!

Unfortunately I haven't felt up to much crafting in the past few days, I did make some baby bloomers to go with the cherry dress, here they are in progress:

Other than that, I have been working on my latest sweater design! It's nearly done, I can't wait to show you pictures because it's exactly what I pictured in my head!

Thanks for reading!

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