Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tea Table

Wow, has it really been over a week since my last post? I have been wanting to keep my Pink Giveaway as the first post to give everyone a chance to see it, and by the way, I'm so excited that I'm getting entries! I must confess I was worried I wouldn't get any :)
I want to show you guys the pretty little tea table I got from an antique store! I saw it in a booth that was made for me, light oceany blue paint and everything else was black and white, just like my room! I saw the little table, but it was a bit expensive, it was still there the next time I came back, and I got it, and I'm so glad! It matches perfectly with my room, and I'll keep it forever. Here are pictures!

What else have I been doing?
I've been mostly working on another design and reading.

That's it for today! Make sure you get your entries in for my Pink Giveaway!


Eva said...

SUCH A CUTE TABLE! so vintage-y :)
and that mint color is loveeeee <3
(if you knew me, you'd know that i adore mint color things)


Lucky's Luna said...

Cute table, good luck with your designs!

Josh said...

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liz said...

Wow, i adore the color of those vintage table :)

You can have some tea there :)